Scam Life Guard

Volunteer to help @CaptainThach to educate & protect people from  InternetScams - MilitaryScams -  RomanceScams >> 5 RULES 

5 Rules to be a ScamLifeGuard

5 Rules to be a Scam Life Guard

 HOW :

1. #CaptainThachRules Use Free posters to educate about Military + Romance + Internet Scams   

2. #FileScamCase -  File your case for FREE at .GOV websites ONLY.  U.S. Government & Intenational Police work hard for you for FREE. 

VIDEO -   $586 Million dollars will be RETURNED to Victims --- VIDEO -

3. #WorldScamHelp  --  Find language to understand "Scams"

4.  #LoveMilitary - How to met U.S. Military in your own city, state, or country for FREE in person. 

5.  #ScamArrest - Photos of all Scammers arrested 

ScamLifeGuards help for FREE

We want NO more Suicides or Murders


1. Victims have been KILLED by Scammers --- LOOK -- at their PHOTOS

2. Victims have committed SUICIDE  --- LOOK -- at their PHOTOS 

Stop Terrorism

STOP Scams STOP Terrorism

THEY send money to terrorists to KILL --- U.S. Military & our friends & do terrorism to kill people like in Paris - Brussels - USA - and other cities AROUND the world.  

Evidence 1 

Evidence 2 

Evidence 3 

Evidence 4 

Evidence 5 

Evidence 6 

Evidence 7

Evidence 8

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Anyone & Everyone can be a ScamLifeGuard

A "Life Guard" grabs you with their hand to save you from drowning. 

A "Scam Life Guard" protects you with 5 simple rules with their hand !

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ScamLifeGuard by Captain Thạch

Captain James Văn Thạch

US Army Infantry Captain Thach, Retired,  "Soldier For Life" - Suicide Counselor - Public Affairs Royal Lao Airborne

Graduate of Law School at Touro Law Center

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